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              Crane special plastic granulator production process often occurs in the process of failure
              Update time: 2017-08-31 Click: 1558 times
              Kellett plastic granulator is a widely used machinery, at the time of purchase, mainly based on the intrinsic quality of the extrudate and the external quality of the quality of the test, the intrinsic quality of the most included physical and chemical Nature and its uniformity. External quality includes the geometry, size, appearance and color translation of the extrudate. So today, according to some of the problems reflected in the simple introduction of plastic granulator production process often occurs in the four major failures:
              First, there is the main motor rotation, but the screw does not turn the phenomenon, this phenomenon is the exclusion of the drive V belt loose, wear slippage; when the safety keys loose off or disconnected; processing results is to check the safety keys and adjust the V belt center Distance, tension the belt, or replace the new V belt.
              Second, when the plastic granulator screw operation is normal, but not the material phenomenon, the treatment method is to check the "bridge" phenomenon, increase the amount of feed to make the screw feed continuously stable and check whether there is metal foreign body into the groove.
              Third, when the plastic granulator host does not turn or instantaneous shutdown phenomenon, there may be the main motor power is not connected, heating time is insufficient, or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque makes the motor overload.
              Fourth, when the plastic granulator exhaust vent phenomenon, the raw material is not clean enough with impurities; feed too fast to make the screw extrusion instability; plastic temperature screw is not enough to squeeze into a problem.
              The above four kinds of common plastic granulator production process often occurs in the process of failure, in short, in the operation of the time, not only the method is correct, good daily maintenance is also very important.

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