Slack Arse

Well… I have been too busy studying to update things here. Since my last post, I have been though the IP Expert SP Volume 1 book about 5 times. Yes 5 times. You need to go though the tech-focussed books that many times to get it all. If you think you can do the Volume 1s once then do the Volume 2s once and then expect to pass a lab then good luck to you…

My glitches on the way and the things I left out to sort were:

Dont forget to add mpls traffic-eng commands (router id etc) to your routing protocol

Just remember connect & xconnect

Inter-AS VPN:
EIGRP redistribution: use the “local” ASN for redistribution into BGP rather than the “global”
Dont forget send-label on all the BGP neighbours. I always forget to do that grrrrr