I have an iPad

This is more of a test than anything else. So far I am rather happy with it.

To keep on topic – I will start ipexpert volume 2 lab 8 sometime shortly.

Stupid things I forget… again + Football

Hopefully if I remind myself of how thick I am by posting it here I will eventually remember

send-label on ipv4 peers for inter-as vpn
advertise sham-link loopbacks in the right vrf on the PEs rather than the default ipv4 address family *facepalm*
send-community on all peers – not just when it first asks. Subsequent peers need it too

to be continued. Time for wine.

PS Chelsea play Liverpool tonight. We better win. It is in Liverpool’s best interest to lose too. We want to stop United for surpassing their league championship record. So do it for yourselves Scousers and do the Blues a favour!

Installing GNS3 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

First.. a general disclaimer.

If this does not work for you, please dont ask me for tips/help/support. This is provided for information only. If this does not work for you then Im sorry. Furthermore, some of these steps may be superfluous or unnecessary but all I know is they worked. Someone else (the same guy you ask to fix (who is not me) if your install does not work) may be able to streamline this process or explain better.

OK… this is what I did:

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev # this downloads some kind of unpacking tool

sudo apt-get source gns3 # downloads source files, probably unnecessary as I think the next step does that too, but by that stage it was too late :)

sudo apt-get install gns3 # does all the work

profit # dont type this in

Slack Arse

Well… I have been too busy studying to update things here. Since my last post, I have been though the IP Expert SP Volume 1 book about 5 times. Yes 5 times. You need to go though the tech-focussed books that many times to get it all. If you think you can do the Volume 1s once then do the Volume 2s once and then expect to pass a lab then good luck to you…

My glitches on the way and the things I left out to sort were:

Dont forget to add mpls traffic-eng commands (router id etc) to your routing protocol

Just remember connect & xconnect

Inter-AS VPN:
EIGRP redistribution: use the “local” ASN for redistribution into BGP rather than the “global”
Dont forget send-label on all the BGP neighbours. I always forget to do that grrrrr

SP Date Dropped

With a semi-heavy heart I dropped my SP date. I know before I said I didn’t want to wait until July or later but I’d rather wait until July and have a chance than do it in April and balls the thing up altogether.

Incidentally, there was a date available on my birthday. If you think I took that one well…

To sit or not to sit…

My studies have not been progressing very well. Main reason for this is I am moving house next month and most of my energy has been going into that. Trouble is I have a date scheduled “sometime in the Q1 2010”. Now… It will be pretty borderline for me to sit within Q1 next year. So I log into the scheduling tool to see if I can postpone by a month or two and I am hit with this:

18-Mar-2010 ( 1 seats available)
19-Mar-2010 ( 1 seats available)
09-Jul-2010 ( 1 seats available)
13-Jul-2010 ( 1 seats available)
15-Jul-2010 ( 1 seats available)

July? WTF? I dont think so!

If I got my arse into gear once I move I am sure I’ll be fine. Not much going out, lots of study and all that… But it still means I need to pay soon.

What to do, oh what to do?

Happy Anniversary to me!

Guess who got their CCIE exactly one year ago today?  I’ll give you a hint.  He is very smart, good looking and oozes charm.

Despite all this and you still guessed me well there you go…

So how have I celebrated my Anniversary?  Well I’m on the way to my SP exam now.  Unfortunately as I have mentioned previously, lab dates globally for SP are few and far between.  I really don’t know why.  I would have thought the rack hardware and cabling would be identical (or otherwise very similar) to R&S so it would be easy.  Then again with R&S v4 now out the topology for R&S has changed therefore it no longer would be similar.  Have to be honest when I say I have not seen any 1841’s acting as a PE next to a 6500 or something.

So #22386 might celebrate tonight by having dinner in one of the restaurants near my place in Melbourne Docklands.  Shame I can’t make the trip to the Qantas Club to blow myself to oblivion like I did one year ago today…


Lab Dates! Woaaahhh!!

This is ridiculous… When I passed my written, no dates available until mid March 2010. A week or so later, end of March… Now, no dates available in Sydney until 14th April! Now.. I don’t know if I’ll be ready by then or not, but methinks I better grab one and drop in January or February or something because otherwise I won’t get a date until December 2013 or something!

The official “What the F&@k?”

Ok.. I am officially odd. I’ve studied for about half a day today and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I just suppose that lately on the job it’d been all about typing stuff into documents and drawing pictures as opposed to typing stuff into green boxes with a cli running ios.

Whenever someone at work wants a hand with some config or some troubleshooting I seem drawn to running over and helping. Don’t get me wrong I prefer the consultative side of the game where I’m seeing clients and giving a preso but I am still attracted to the tools I suppose.

The only reason I’m not tapping away into my lab is because I’m on a train going to someones house to drop my parachute off for some routine maintanence (it’s in perfect order, but would you jump a rig which was not maintained?) and I am using the WordPress app for iPhone to type this in. Let’s hope the auto spell checker was merciful this time.

The photo is my rig getting comfy at the train station.

And today it is… No internet!

Well… My Internet had been throttled due to excess downloads* and as such browsing is about as pleasurable as itching powder in your wetsuit. What that means is I have time (after eggs Benedict for brekky!) to start my SP lab studies!

So… It all begins again.

*before you ask, my excess downloads were not due to hitting the torrent sites. In my infinite wisdom I decided to use OSX mail instead of web based mail which I have been doing for the past 16 years or so. Once I type in my account details mail then proceeds to download every single email i’ve received or sent since the inception. Bye bye download limit! :)